Married Couples Splitting Over Trump, Study Says

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It’s not just Republicans and Democrats bickering it out lately. According to a new study and divorce attorneys, couples are also feuding over politics — especially President Trump — with many of them breaking up and even heading to divorce court.

New data from Wakefield Research, an Arlington, Virginia-based polling firm, one in 10 couples (married or unmarried) ended their relationships over political disagreements, with millennials parting ways at a particularly high rate of 22%.

“This study was conducted as part of Wakefield Research’s ongoing exploration of the trends driving conversations today in the U.S. and worldwide. Our research team regularly fields studies that examine how relationships are impacted by current events, so it was natural for us to ask about today’s political environment. We wanted to understand how, if at all, the current political environment was impacting romantic relationships,” Lisa Johnson Kiefer, managing director of Wakefield Research, tells FOX Business. Read more.



  1. This is baloney. All these ‘polls’ go the way of whoever’s paying for it. Pollsters need to make a living too.

  2. Again, fake news.
    Now, of course, in all 8 years of Obama, they never took such a poll/survey. This is all part of the DNC controlled media campaign, to smear President Trump. Pheh.

  3. It actually makes perfect sense when the Liberals are in control Republicans are pretty docile and when the Republicans win the Liberals go ballistic


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