MaryEllen Elia To Step Down As State Education Commissioner

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State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, the former Sweet Home teacher who would go on to become New York’s top educator four years ago during a turbulent time for public schools, dropped a big surprise Monday when she announced she will resign in August

Elia confirmed she is leaving to pursue another professional opportunity with a national firm. She would not name the firm but said it has a focus on supporting districts in their efforts to turn around schools.

Elia, 70, made the announcement at a Board of Regents meeting in Albany, after submitting her letter of resignation. Her last day will be Aug. 31.

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  1. Interesting that her last day just happens to be the 60th and final day of the public comment period on the proposed regulations for “substantial equivalency” of the private schools, which began on July 3, after which it goes to the Board of Regents.

    I don’t think her departure, in and of itself, gets us out of the woods.

    But maybe there is more here than meets the eye. Hard to know. Those who know aren’t saying and those who say don’t know.

    We have to keep davening and do our hishtadlus with the online petitions available at

  2. Governor Cuomo is the person who was behind these gzeiros. He is the Governor. He appoints these people. He will appoint the next one. Cuomo is an angry vengeful single man who doesn’t like or care for our community. He could of put a stop to these archaic laws right from the get go. Why does he have tenure here in New York State?


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