Maryland Man May Be First Person Successfully Vaccinated Against COVID-19

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A Maryland man believes he may be one of the first people to be successfully vaccinated against the coronavirus after participating in a trial that has reported promising early results in producing antibodies, according to reports.

David Rach, a graduate immunology student, was the first person to be injected in the trial at the University of Maryland in May, where US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German firm BioNTech are working together in the global race to create a vaccine, the Daily Mail reports.

Early indications show the vaccine is working by stimulating the growth of antibodies at rates equal or higher to those who have the illness. If the trial proves successful, Pfizer said it will produce 100 million doses before the end of the year and more than a billion doses next year, WJLA reports.

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  1. Is he still alive? Let’s see if he’s still alive in 10 years. After all, it’s a depopulation vaccine.
    In England they tried to fool the sheeple with the same lies.
    “They are getting the vaccine and literally dropping dead!”
    Jewish Truther: Gross malpractice at Coventry University Hospital (England) during the era of Covid-19.

  2. If antibodies only last 3 months with a real infection as we are being told, why will they last with vaccination induced antibodies….


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