Maryland Woman Will Run 2011 Miami Marathon in the Memory of Rebbetzin Zlata Geisinsky z”l


miami-marathon-in-january-2011Dana Ginsburg of Potomac, Maryland, has decided to run the Miami Marathon in January 2011 in order to turn her newfound passion for running into something more than just physical activity that benefits her physical health alone. By running as a sponsored-runner as part of Team Lifeline, each and every step she takes will be directed to the purpose of helping children suffering from life-threatening or lifelong illness.

Dana Ginsburg plans to dedicate her run in the memory of her friend, Rebbetzin Zlata Geisinksky z”l of Chabad of Bethesda-Chevy Chase, who recently passed away at the young age of 49 on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz 5770. Zlata was a tremendous source of inspiration to her. It is Dana’s sincere hope that Zlata will be smiling down upon her in Miami while she is running in her merit in a skirt, long sleeves, and a hat – becoming the Jewish woman Zlata always knew she could be.

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  1. In my opinion, it isn’t the ideal of tsnius to run in public even for a good cause. Everyone will be watching. I think it is less tsnius than a woman running privately for exercise, and even that probably should be done where no one can see her.

  2. Joggging is a mitzvah- fulfilling vnishmartem. This woman was inspired to be more frum and is even running in a skirt/long sleeves. This woman needs encouragement not a narrow minded view of halacha squelching her passion

  3. It is true what #1 and 2 say, however you must give credit to a Baal Teshuva woman who would otherwise be running in gym shorts and short top. She is “covering up” in memory of her friend, the Rebbitizen, who inspired her. She is doing her best according to her understanding and level she is holding at. Give her credit!She’s not trying to “compete” with you guys. Nothing to be threatened by!

  4. We will know Mashiach is here when everyone becomes half as menschy and has half the heart that Dana has. I would love to know what all these negative people are doing to help this wonderful cause.


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