‘Mask Patrols’ Will Fine People Refusing To Wear Face Coverings In NYC

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In announcing a testing blitz to take place in emerging coronavirus hotspots in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio also warned that there is going to be an enforcement blitz.

Nine ZIP codes in the city are seeing a spike in new COVID-19 cases.

The mayor announced during a Tuesday morning briefing that there will be a lot more community outreach in those areas including hundreds of so-called Trace Corps members and hundreds of additional city agency workers in the neighborhoods.

Patrols will start issuing fines to people who refuse to wear masks even after being offered a free mask and a warning that not wearing it will result in a fine.

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  1. Just curious, since, as of this writing, NYC still abides by the constitution and I am therefore not compelled to carry ID with me, how will I get a fine. Will I be arrested, cuffed and brought to the police station? Have a mug shot taken?
    Looking for a legitimate response from someone who believes in the mayor’s leadership.

    • Same as jay walking:
      The cop asks you for your name and address. If you give them to him, and he trusts that you are telling the truth, he writes a fine to that name and address. If he believes you are lying, he may handcuff you and bring you down to the station (not arrest, but detainment) until you produce ID.

  2. I see that Uncle Joe has risen from the beyond and mustache and all returned to Earth to wreak havoc, mistrust, and anarchy. Well done, NYC. We have seen the enemy and he is us. I have seen the self-appointed, self-righteous, and self-legitimizing mask police in front of my shul, building and on the street. Ordinary people who have, with the tacit approval of the ashkans and the Mayor, do a sneer at anyone who isn’t wearing a mask (as long as the sneered at won’t or isn’t interested in or capable of breaking their legs). This is the NYC we have longed for since Lindsay, a demented group of demagogues and fiefdom seekers that legitimate their narrative and oppose your existence. Before you demure and tell me how serious this is, let me tell you – in no particular order – cold viruses will kill you if it gets as far as pneumonia. There are treatments but no vaccines for Ebola (50% death rate), SARS, MERS and HIV. Influenza will kill people with respiratory, heart or other organ issues. Yes, Covid is a killer, as are Mario in Albany and David in City Hall. How do we win? How did we win against the common rhino-viruses that plague us each winter? How did we win against swine flu, avian flu? How did we beat polio and small pox? Common sense and taking care of ourselves first. Put yourself first, the rest will sift out and then you can ignore them and distance from them. Put yourself first, you don’t walk outside in winter if you have sniffles or a cough – do you? Put yourself first, do what is common sense and then learn – don’t knee jerk – learn. It is a difficult time when the leaders of this nation, Democrat and Republican, are most interested in tearing down our system of government, imperfect as it is, to replace it with sandbox style fights and playground tantrums. Put yourself first and then learn and then act.

  3. I wore a mask on and off until the protests began in June. Shabbos I put it on again. No, I still don’t think you need one. BUT how can I shoulder the responsibility that because of me a store will lose his parnosa, a yeshiva will close or tefilla bitzbur will be stopped. Yes there are people going around taking pictures. In May I felt out of place wearing a mask in shul. Today, I was proud to be one of three out of about 100 people by mincha to wear a mask.

    • why are you more worried about somebodies parnosa over people’s lives? even if sombody doubts the effectiveness how do you lose by wearing a mask? if your right atleast you did all you can to protect another jew even if it didn’t do anything. but if you were wrong and and the masks do something how many lives can you save??? 1? 5? 10? 100? why do people treat this so flippantly.


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