Maskless Risk $50 Fine at NYC-Area Airports, Subways, Bus Depots

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The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said it will start issuing $50 fines to people not wearing face coverings at its airports, Manhattan bus terminals and subways.

Since March, the agency has used posters, public-service announcements and other means “to make travelers aware of the health and safety protocols” amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Starting Monday, travelers “could be liable for the new recommended fine of $50,” according to a news release.

The mandate comes as New York and New Jersey are trying to prevent a second wave of the novel coronavirus as case and hospitalization figures rise. New York City alone has reported almost 24,000 virus-related deaths, about two-thirds of the state’s total.

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  1. This is what happens when we willfully comply with the gov’t. They (Cuomo and Deblasio)!are out to control the people just like dictators. In order to stop this insanity is for everyone to defy the gov’ts protocols. If the gov’t sees they can’t control us they will eventually stop.

  2. The socialist-fascist dumbcretins finally figured out a way to tax air. Wanna breathe without a harmful germ-infected shmateh blocking your airways, that does absolutely nothing to stop coronavirus by the way? – pay up fifty bucks, slave.


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