Masmid Govoha to Begin Sixteenth Year


ira-zlotowitzMasmid Govoha is an acclaimed after-school learning program that has made a difference in the learning of 18,000 yeshiva boys since its inception. 

The program, which is sponsored by R’ Yisroel (Ira) Zlotowitz of Lakewood, NJ,  is provided to rabbeim free-of-charge and offers incentives to sixth, seventh and eighth grade boys to encourage review of what they’ve learned.

Rabbeim, parents, and the talmidim themselves have reported very positive effects of this wonderful program.

Masmid Govoha is unique in that it rewards effort, not test marks. It is voluntary, there’s no competition, and there are no losers. A rebbi‘s regular homework and studying is the focus, and boys can choose their own level of involvement.

Unique incentives include weekly cash awards and class packages, a full-page ad in Yated Ne’eman giving honorable mention to 500+ boys weekly, class mesibos, end-of-season seforim awards, a catered class siyum at the end of the program, prizes and more.

Of special note is Olas Tamid, a beautiful journal for parents, rabbeim and menahelim to give recognition to their masmidim for their effort and success.

To be a sponsor or for more information, call 732.370.7070 or fax to 732.905.8884.



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