Mass Joint Funeral Held For 14 Palestinian Terrorists Returned By Israel

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palestinian funeralThousands of Palestinians flooded the streets of Chevron to attend the joint funeral of 14 murderous Palestinians whose bodies were returned by Israel the night before.

The bodies were among 23 handed over by Israeli authorities on Friday night, 17 to the Chevron area.

The bodies were carried on the shoulders of their families to the al-Hussein Ibn Ali mosque in city center, where funeral prayers took place. Thousands collectively performed the prayer inside the adjacent al-Hussein football stadium and across city streets.

The thousands of mourners attending the funeral shouted slogans as the terrorists’ bodies were carried through the streets.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said on Nov. 5 that bodies would be handed over conditionally, with Israeli authorities often demanding that the bodies be buried immediately following their handover and that funerals be limited in attendance. MAAN NEWS

palestinian funeral 1palestinian funeral

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  1. To me the last picture looks like a very well attended event!
    Why not hand over these thugs enshrouded in pig skin.

  2. Another good reason why Israel should not return the corpses of terrorists. The first and more important reason is to use as bargaining chips to return missing Israeli soldiers, Hadar Goldin, Shaul Oron, and other missing persons.

  3. AP terror Media sees this from a different perspective. The anti semitic one!…4661.6308.0.6507.….0…1c.1.64.serp..8.0.0.o0JOKmHCFFM

    (all of their sources are DISGUSTING! APPALLING! (their acronym should be changed from associated press to


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