MATH GEEKS: World’s Largest Prime Number 

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The world’s largest known prime number has been adjusted upwards to a numeral with 24,862,048 digits. That’s over one and a half million digits larger than the previous record.

Prime numbers are any number divisible only by one and by itself such as 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, etc. Mathematicians cannot resist finding ever bigger ones. The latest discovery was made by Patrick Laroche.

GIMPS’ next major goal is to find a 100-million-digit prime number.

Useless as they may seem, prime numbers have been used to create important cryptography algorithms.



  1. Wow. Tremendous. With the freezer opening tomorrow, maybe, with this new mathematic figure, we can finally solve the dreaded age-gap crises that’s relentlessly tearing apart our Machaneh. Hope is in the air.

  2. cryptography algorithms. I did a search to find out what this means this is what I found. Cryptography at its very core is math. Pure, simple, undiluted math. Math created the algorithms that are the basis for all encryption. And encryption is the basis for privacy and security on the internet. So, we love math. Even if it is a tad complicated. With that being said, algorithms have to be built to work against computers. As computers get smarter, algorithms become weaker and we must therefore look at new solutions. This is how cryptography evolves to beat the bad guys. (This is just the beginning of a long article)


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