Mattress Blaze in BMG Dormitory


bmg-smallFirefighters extinguished a small dorm fire in Lakewood, NJ, this morning, township police reported. At about 9:15 a.m., police received reports of a fire in the Martin Klein Dormitory at Beth Medrash Govoha on 6th Street and Private Way.

Local firefighters determined a mattress was on fire, and extinguished it. There was no major damage to the building and no one was hurt, police said.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.



  1. Who was michalel shabbos by reporting it? You’re supposed to let it burn and burn. It’s only possessions, right? Am I wrong on this?

  2. To #2- This IS safeik pikuach nefesh- There could always be someone sleeping anywhere in the building at that time- so one is obligated to call.

  3. You do realize it could’ve burnt the entire floor, then the building, and then the beis medrash, right? It is definitely 100% Sakanas Nefashos.

  4. Yes, you are wrong. A fire in a dorm is a clear threat to life and should be reported. In any event, BMG is equipped with fire alarms which automatically notify the fire department as well as a 24/7 non-Jewish maintenance staff.

  5. yes shmuel, you are right. and then when it spreads and someone gets trapped in a room and dies you’re just supposed to let it burn

  6. u ppl all are foolsih ask all these questions thinking u actually know things when its just amharaatzus. btw not one of you asked if anyone got hurt! its all about the hock.


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