MATZAV ISRAEL TRAVEL UPDATE: Delta Airlines to Begin Flights to/from Israel

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Throughout the past weeks, as Israel endures a stringent flight ban, Chaim V’Chessed has been advocating for additional emergency flights to and from Israel. These would service Israeli citizens and residents stranded abroad, and also provide the possibility for those in Israel to leave the country, when needed.

Until now, Israeli authorities have been extraordinarily stingy about adding flights. Last week, Chaim V’Chessed reported that El Al had won approval to operate several flights between the US and Israel. However, US based airlines were not granted permission to fly into or out of Israel. In response, the US Department of Transportation filed a complaint with the Israeli Transportation Ministry regarding the apparent discrimination against American airlines.

We are now pleased to report that Delta Airlines will begin operating daily flights from Tel Aviv to New York. DL235 will depart from Tel Aviv on Saturday night, February 20 at 11:55 PM. Subsequently, a flight to New York will operate each night. We have also learned that Delta will be operating flights from New York to Tel Aviv, as well. Details on those flights have not yet been released.

It should be noted that the current flight ban is scheduled to end after February 20. However, there are increasing signs that the ban will be extended. Delta’s new flights will operate even if the flight ban remains in place after February 20.

In the event that the ban remains in place, Israeli citizens will be required to obtain permission to leave the country from the Vaadat Charigim (Exceptions Committee), via this link.

We express our gratitude to Delta’s Israel-based staff, who worked tirelessly to gain approval for these flights, for the benefit of the community.



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