MATZAV SHMOOZE: Giving Credit To Klal Yisrael


Dear Matzav Shmooze,

With all the news being spread on social media (hey, didn’t we all learn our lesson?) of Jews who aren’t heeding to the social distancing recommendations set by the CDC I hope that everyone takes a moment to appreciate the extra strain these restrictions are having on the frumme Yidden and how well we are mostly keeping to them under the circumstances.

For one, Jews have more social obligations in their day than the average person. Jewish men have minyan they attend three times a day, there is mikva, there are the tens of weddings that take place in the Jewish community every week, where in the secular world it is more rare.

Jewish families also have many more kids on average, all of whom are now stuck in the house together bouncing off the walls. Is it a wonder that some men are willing to risk going to minyan to get out of the house? (This is said in jest. Everyone should follow the psak of the Gedolei Yisroel who ruled that no minyanim should be made during these times.)

On top of all this, Jews around the globe are preparing to usher in the most stressful Yom Tov of the year – Pesach. We are expected to turn over our kitchens with young kids running around spreading crumbs everywhere, to make a dozen grocery trips while maintaining a safe six foot distance between your fellow shoppers and struggling with the anxiety when we aren’t successful because grocery stores are still crowded. This is also the year that many families are making Pesach for the very first time, whether it’s because a family member is under quarantine, or because you are being extra cautious with the health of elderly parents or even simply because your regular Pesach hotel gt cancelled.

With all that, Yidden worldwide are stepping up to plate, balancing the million new things to do while staying indoors and davening beyechidus. Many are going above and beyond, adding extra tefillos to their day, taking on incredible kabbolas  and engaging in teshuva, tefilla and tzeddaka to storm shomayim to stop this magefah.

So before we look around to see which Jews are doing the wrong thing, let’s take a minute to appreciate how many of us are doing the right thing, day in and day out. Yes, it is frustrating to see people flouting rules intended for everyone’s benefit and we should express those feelings to the violators. But let us also feel a sense of pride in how Jews are doing their part to stem this plague.

Proud of Klal Yisrael


  1. Go, white boy, go!
    People are doing the right thing. The noise you hear is from self-righteous people who always have to talk down the “frummeh” because it makes them feel better about their complacency in yiddishkeit. To the rest of you, chazak ubaruch!

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful letter at a much needed moment in time. Ashrecha for your wonderful perspective! You truly brightened my day! Yisrael asher b’cha espa’eir!


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