Matzav Video Section Back Up and Running

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matzav_networkDue to an¬†extraordinarily¬†high number of visitors over the last few months to‘s world renowned Featured Video section, the videos’ server was overloaded, causing technical difficulties.

“The hundreds of emails we received over the span of just the past few days inquiring about the video section is reflective of the phenomenal popularity of this section of, amongst the other features of the website,” observed a technician at

Thanks to the diligent work of Matzav’s technicians, the video section is back up and running for our readers’ enjoyment. is currently working on revamping the video section to make it even more efficient and user friendly.

For now, take a break from your pre-Sukkos preparations and enjoy the vast selection of videos uploaded to‘s servers for your viewing pleasure.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. You purposely shut it down erev Yom Kippur! Don’t get me started! Ok, great! Matzav “proved” how Yeshivish they are! Stop already!

  2. Can you please make browsing through the video section easier? I like to go back and watch videos from a few months ago, and it becomes very hard to find them after much timke has passed.

    Thank you


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