chupahMazel tov on your upcoming simcha. is finally here, featuring over 300 gemachs right in the heart of Brooklyn for wedding planning and gemachs for newborn mothers. It’s not necessary to scour through local publications for the gemach listings or call friends and neighbors. is now accessible on your Smartphone or tablet, right at your fingertips.

It is truly a beautiful thing when the community comes together and shares their expertise for little or no money to help each other, and is the only place where people can post their gemach or service free of charge.  This undertaking has been arranged as a chessed to the community.

You can also watch Devorah Heller’s famous challah workshop and learn how to bake the perfect challah and other great videos to help make the perfect simcha.

Just go to and check it out.

Nor oif simchos.

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  1. have clothes gemach in brooklyn, off mcdonald ave and 19th ave. to donate: $5.00 fee per bag or box donated. to receive there is no charge, call for appointment. 1-718-871-0860


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