Matzoh from Skverer Rebbe Being Auctioned Off On eBay


matzoh-skverer-rebbeA year after an eBay seller auctioned off a piece of honey cake from the Skverer Rebbe, a seller is auctioning off matzoh from the Rebbe. The post is called “Bizas Hayom Matzah from the heiliga skvera rabbe 2009” and the item condition is classified as “used.” The bidding is now at $8.50.

Bidding ends on Thursday, November 18.

The exact wording of the post is as follows:

Are you a Mamin in sgilah’s? it says in the torah that Bizas Hayom Matzah is a sgilah for parnasa,
so buy this holy Bizas Hayom Matzah from the heiliga skvera rabbe 2009, good luck with your bid!!!!
(we will ship your matzah out to you ASAP)

 There is a 99-cent standard flat rate shipping charge added to the winning bid.

It is assumed that the Skverer Rebbe referred to in the post is Rav Dovid Twersky, the Skverer Rebbe in New Square.

 To view the eBay post, click here.

{Yossi Newscenter}


  1. People should not waste their money on these useless segulahs. The biggest segulah for parnassah is davening with kavana, dont talk duringdavening and have bain odom lachaveiro and be an over all ehrliche yid. People running around looking for these segulahs should perfect themselves and they will find no need for this nonsense

  2. i also have some matza left over at home that i need to get rid of. i think i’ll also auction it on ebay and say its from the rebbe!


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