Matzos Already Baked for Pesach in March

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shemurah-matzohMatzos are already being baked for Pesach 2013, which to many industry officials falls a bit too early next year. The first Seder will take place on the eve of March 26th.

An early Pesach has many implications, say the officials. It means that in many cases, the Pesach aisle in supermarkets will be open in late February. The potential for cold or even inclement weather has in the past slowed sales. It is a plus for the lucrative  Pesach resort industry, particularly those in warmer climates.

One distributor said that November will probably be the absolute latest for Pesach orders. Yakov Yarmove of SuperValu says the calendar may say Rosh Hashanah, but in many parts of the industry, it is already Pesach.

Forty percent (40%) of all kosher food sales takes place around  Pesach  time.

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  1. Yuck. Who will get stuck with those stale Matzah’s? They usually ship those to the far flung out of town community’s who have no choice & can’t complain.

  2. HELLO folks i can tell you Chutznikim that in a regular year Matzos are made well before Chanukka EVERY YEAR here in EY
    same schedule different month


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