Maxine Waters: ‘I Am Disgusted’ With ‘Spineless’ Trump Supporters In Senate



Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters said that she feels “disgusted” by Republican senators who aren’t ready to impeach President Donald Trump during an appearance on MSNBC Sunday.

“I believe that in the final analysis that there are more people who care about the security of this country than the president,” Rep. Waters said on MSNBC’s “AM Joy.”

“The president is all about himself. Now, if you want to know something, I am disgusted with those spineless members of the Senate who don’t have the guts to stand up for this country. Many of them have defined themselves as patriotic. They’re not patriotic,” she continued. “They are spineless and they’re not willing to step up and do what needs to be done in recognizing the danger of this president.”

“They’re willing to harm our country, and so, I want all of the American population to understand who is in that Senate, what they’re doing, whether or not they want them to remain there if, in fact, they don’t come forward,” Waters said.

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  1. So far the empirical rule has shown itself to be true. The Democrats are projecting their own evil and assigning it to others.

  2. Impeach 49 lol. Nothing. Dems should all relocate to Cuba. There policys belong there. This is AMERICA land of the free.
    This liberal party is over. They stand alone to lie,lie cheet, steal.There media follows there Socialism and lie to decieve the uninformed and this is against everything this country stands for.. We lost many good men to have this freedom.This country on a bad day is better than anywere else on this planet. They should pack and leave if they don’t like our decision to vote a real president into office. He is truly the Best president i have seen in my life.. Lie,lie,lie. Remember Obama . It was a rough time for this country . 2020 Trump ,


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