May One Make Kiddush On a Shot Glass?


Q. I often see people make Kiddush Shabbos day on a small shot glass of schnapps. Isn’t this an issue, since they are using less than a revi’is (approximately 3.3 oz. – minimum amount for Kiddush)? 

The Taz (OC 210:1) writes that if one drinks an entire shot glass of schnapps in one sip, they are required to recite a bracha achrona (Borei Nifashos). Although on other beverages one only recites a bracha achrona if one drinks a full revi’is, Taz maintains that a shot glass of schnapps is equivalent to a revi’isof other drinks. This is because schnapps is strong and most people are unable to drink more than this amount in one sip. The Machtzis HaShekel (272:6) points out that following the logic of the Taz, one should be permitted to recite KiddushShabbos day on a shot glass of schnapps.

Most poskim disagree with the Taz. The Magen Avrohom (190:4), Chayei Adam (6:18), Mishnah Berurah (190:14), Aruch Hashulchan (483:3) all require a revi’isof schnapps for Kiddush. However, if one cannot by themselves drink a m’lo lugmav (half a revi’is, the mandatory minimum) of schnapps, they may share with others.

Piskei Teshuvos (289:note 88) lists many Chasidishe Rebbes (including the Chozeh from Lublin and the Yid HaKodesh) who held that the halacha follows the Taz. They insisted on making Kiddush Shabbos morning on a shot glass of schnapps to emphasize this point. Everyone should follow their minhag.

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  1. There is a word missing from the last sentence. On the OU’s website the last sentence reads “Everyone should follow their OWN minhag”.


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