May the new year be full of dreams.

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Material ambitions:

  • An apartment

In Yerushalayim

Overlooking Har HaBayis.

Spiritual ambitions:

  • To make a life-altering difference

For real people

Some, just like yourself.


The Dream Raffle enables a rare guarantee – to change hundreds of lives.

  • Like the brave Jewish farmers on Gaza and Syrian borders who live in constant dread of losing their livelihoods, health, and houses thanks to missiles and fire balloons from their friendly neighbors.


  • Or the Search and Rescue team, ready and trained for every eventuality, facing horror, fear, and anguish on a daily basis.


  • Or Charedi Special Education centers around Israel, working tirelessly to make sure special needs and religious needs aren’t mutually exclusive.


Can you help us fund, build, and maintain these projects?


Only in your dreams.


Click here to dream big in your new, beautifully decorated, perfectly situated $1,000,000 apartment.


Help widows and orphans, youth at risk, unaffiliated Jews, farmers, anti-terror patrols, developmentally delayed children, and more – while giving yourself a chance to win the apartment of your dreams in Jerusalem. 


Think you’ll never win? Think again. 



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