Mayor Barkat: Bus Blast Came from Explosive Device

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Today’s bus bombing in Yerushalayim, first believed to have been an accident, is now being called an attack of some sort.

The blast, which injured almost two dozen people, including two seriously, took place on an empty number 12 Egged bus, in the Talpiot neighborhood, and the fire spread to a second bus and a car.

Yerushalayim Mayor Nir Barkat says that the blast initiated from a small explosive device on the back of the bus.

The mayor stressed, though, that an investigation is ongoing.

It is still “too early” to call the incident a “terror attack,” police say.

Police said that they hadn’t found metal and ball bearings typically found at the scenes of bombings, but one source at Shaarei Tzedek said that some sort of shrapnel was found in some of the victims, so this factor has not been clarified as of yet.

Smoke from the blast could be seen for miles around Yerushalayim.

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