Mayor Bloomberg Backs Greenfield In NY City Council Race

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david-greenfieldNew York City Council candidate David G. Greenfield was endorsed today by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. Greenfield, an experienced attorney and community advocate, is running in the 44th Council District to replace Councilman Simcha Felder. Mayor Bloomberg, recently re-elected by city voters, received approximately 75% of the general election vote in the 44th Council District. Greenfield’s relationship with Mayor Bloomberg will allow him to be an effective advocate on day one, and to make sure the community’s needs are met.

In announcing his support for David Greenfield, Mayor Bloomberg noted that Greenfield spearheaded a number of key initiatives that positively impacted not just the neighborhoods in this district, but neighborhoods throughout New York City. Mayor Bloomberg cited Greenfield’s leadership establishing the new third party vendor program, through which thousands of non-public school children in New York City now receive free tutoring services through the federal government’s Title I program.

“David Greenfield is an independent and innovative leader who is adept at identifying issues and solving problems,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Through David’s hard work and tireless advocacy, thousands of non-public school students throughout the city now have access to free tutoring services paid for through the Federal ‘No Child Left Behind’ Act. David Greenfield has a proven record of accomplishment as a community advocate, and has a bright future ahead of him in the City Council. David Greenfield will be an outstanding City Councilman, and I look forward to working together with him in City Hall to address the issues that are important to all New Yorkers.”

“Mayor Bloomberg is an internationally acclaimed independent leader for all New Yorkers and I am especially grateful to have his support in my campaign for the City Council,” said Greenfield. “It is vitally important that our community have a working relationship with the Mayor in order to ensure this community continues to receive the important resources it needs.”

One of the issues that Greenfield stresses during his campaign is the importance of the city providing free busing for students, and allowing parents to select the bus company that best suits their schedule and needs. Greenfield has also committed to continue working towards relief for tuition-paying parents and securing additional funding for private and public schools. In addition, Greenfield’s top priorities include creating jobs, enhancing services for seniors, improving transportation, and lowering taxes and fines.

In addition to the support of Mayor Bloomberg, Greenfield has also received the endorsements of a number of other prominent elected officials, including former Mayor Ed Koch, Senators Carl Kruger and Martin Golden, and Councilmen Vincent Gentile, Michael Nelson, Domenic Recchia, and Lewis Fidler. Greenfield has also received widespread support from prominent members of every ethnic community in the diverse 44th Council District, including the Catholic, Ashkenaz, Sephardic, and Chassidic communities.

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  1. That the problem with Simcha Felder was his close relationship with Mayor Bloomberg. We need a councilman that is truly independent.

  2. I am in agreement with Dov Hikind on this one: This is an anyone but Greenfield campaign. Call up any of the heads of any of the MAJOR Jewish organizations and ask them who they personally think you should vote for. Vote for Nachman Caller, Joe Lazar or Jonathan Judge. Below I pasted the names of all of the heads of major Jewish organizations and their contact information:

    Rabbi David Zwiebel
    Executive Vice President
    Agudath Israel of America

    Rabbi Pesach Lerner
    Executive Vice President
    National Council of Young Israel

    Rabbi Steven Weil
    Executive Vice President
    Orthodox Union

    Rabbi Basil Herring
    Executive Vice President
    Rabbinical Council of America

    Rabbi Aaron Lipskar
    Executive Vice President
    The Aleph Institute

    Rabbi Moshe Vizel
    Executive Vice President

    Rabbi David Niederman
    United Jewish Organizations

  3. Hurrah so “taxem” Blumberg likes David. Will he help himtax new yorkers to the hilt?? Maybe David could sponsor a new tax on dead people. Since you can’t bury someone without a death certificate Maybe Blumberg & co. should charge $2000 for a death certificate. it could be called the “BLUMBERG LAST RESORT TAX”

  4. #2 you are on the ball! I’ve heard from them that they are all looking forward to the victory of one of Mr Greenfield’s opponents.

  5. It’s interesting to see that geshmakster and flatbush-yid are the same ones that run around all over the place to spread lies against Greenfield. geshmakster, you showed your true colors by posting the Copy & Paste you did from the Martin Grossman article.

    First, it showed how uneducated and incompetent you are. You don’t even know how to get their info on your own!

    Secondly, it showed how much compassion you have for another Jew. To me it was very unfortunate that you used such a heart breaking story to smear other dedicated individuals.

    Third, do some homework before spreading your hate. David Greenfield has worked with at least two of the commited Askanim you mentioned for the longest time and has a great working relationship with them. And so you know next time, it’s Rabbis Zweibel and Niederman.

  6. my child is learning in a private school in brooklyn & I needed some private help in reading & speling .i used to pay hundreds of dollars on this .but thanks to david greenfeild who brought in to all schools the no child left behind .i don’t pay now for the services. thabk you grienfeld . I think greenfeld is the man


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