Mayor Bloomberg Defends Controversial Gas Pipeline Project

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bloombergNY – While a lot of New Yorkers are up in arms over the plan, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is all for a controversial natural gas pipeline, saying it is something “we desperately need.”

The $850 million, 15-mile pipeline would run from Staten Island to Bayonne and Jersey City before crossing into Manhattan at Greenwich Village.

Bloomberg says the pipeline controversy boils down to a matter of choice – do we want more nuclear power, more coal fired plants or a natural gas line?

“There’s no free lunch – you’re going to have choices,” Bloomberg said.

The mayor also noted that coal kills 13,000 people a year in the country and stressed that stopping coal fire plants is one of the highest priorities we have.

“We have to have an alternative source and the alternative source that’s the most practical at the moment – it’s not solar, wind, someday maybe – but for the moment it is natural gas and that’s the way gas comes and we need that pipeline,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg said he agrees with Gov. Andrew Cuomo that we can’t walk away from an energy source that we desperately need.

Some critics have pointed to a natural gas drilling technique, known as fracking, and said that method would cause environmental issues.

“I think our governor has it right – Gov. Cuomo said he didn’t want fraking in the watershed – I agree with that – but that you shouldn’t walk away from an energy source that we need,” he said.

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  1. thought i hardly ever agree with our dictator in charge this is a necessity energy is needed
    we cant drill we cant build nuc reactors, no fracturing up state i guess we dont want heat or air conditioning for our homes or lights in the streets


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