Mayor Bloomberg Thinking Small, As In New NYC ‘Micro’ Apartment Initiative

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bloombergMayor Michael Bloomberg has yet another idea to improve the lives of New Yorkers: micro apartments. Yesterday he proposed that single people should live in studios no larger than 300 square feet. The size of this apartment is now considered illegal because it’s so small, but never fear, the good mayor plans on changing the zoning laws so the new tiny apartments will be legal.

One might think that an apartment that’s barely large enough for a toaster would be cheaper to rent. Does $2,000 a month sound cheap? Didn’t think so.

The mayor said that single-person apartments are rare in the city and are in high demand. But it’s an apartment that people want not a room that’s the size of half a train car.

According to Business Insider there are currently 1.8 million one and two-person households, but only one million studio and one-bedroom apartments.

These smaller 300 foot micro apartments will all be 10 by 30 feet and must have a window and a kitchen. But will there be room for a kitchen table and maybe a chair?

Bloomberg is accepting proposals for the apartments, which will be located on E 27th Street and First Avenue in Kips Bay. The apartments, the mayor insists, will help young professionals find proper housing in the city while they start their careers. Keep telling yourself that, Mike.

But the question is: Would New York’s billionaire mayor ever live in an apartment that small? Of course he would – if he were younger. Bloomberg said he’d be more than happy to live there. It’s a good thing the mayor isn’t so young anymore or someone might suggest he move there instead of his current mansion which is 41 times the size of his 300 foot apartment proposal.

In his youth, Bloomberg lived in a 600 square foot studio apartment for almost ten years. The rent was $120 a month, much cheaper than the rent of the new smaller apartments that will be half the size of what the mayor used to live in.

Maybe it’s a good thing that Michael Bloomberg would like to ban large-sized sugary drinks. With only 300 square feet to live in people will have to be pretty slim to be comfortable in the micro apartments.


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  1. “Yesterday he proposed that single people should live in studios no larger than 300 square feet”

    Well well. Hey Mike, you’re single. Why don’t you eat some of your own medicine! You’ve got to move into one those micro apt’s. You’re so concerned with saving the world yet you fly around in private jets, polluting the environment. You get driven around in these gas guzzling limos. You & Al Gore are the biggist phonies on 3 feet!

  2. A foolish idea with no thought (other than quick profit for his friends) behind it. There are basic problems: societal, economic, educational… etc. Details in a later comment.


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