Mayor Bloomberg Wants To Ban Styrofoam

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foam-cupsBefore he leaves office next month, Mayor Bloomberg is ordering one more takeout – Styrofoam.

At the request of the mayor, the City Council’s Sanitation Committee is holding a hearing Monday on a bill to prohibit the use and sale of plastic foam cups and plates that have long been ubiquitous in delis, bodegas and even school cafeterias.

Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway will testify on behalf of the administration, which first proposed the ban in the summer and is now rushing to get it enacted into law.

Sanitation officials say plastic foam food containers add 23,000 tons of trash a year to landfills, The city’s total total waste stream is more than three million tons.

The officials say the ban is warranted because foam containers are non-biodegradable, can’t be recycled and spoil the environment.

But opponents claim the move is just another Bloomberg Nanny initiative that will hike consume prices with more costly alternative products.

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  1. And what is the Mayor or for that matter Governor or President doing to combat “Knockouts”? Do they not recognize a severe threat to life and limb when they see one?

  2. Isn’t it wonderful that we have our nanny, Mayor Bloomberg, making all these decision FOR us? As if we cannot make decisions for ourselves??

    Now that he has destroyed the United States Senate, Obama is going to ram though as much of this similar kind of stuff — via EPA, Interior, and USDA regulations — as much he will be able to do before the GOP takes over the Senate next November!

  3. I think Bl$$mberg & Mischelle Obama would make a great match! Can you imagine what they could do if they joined forces? They would literally save the human race from harming themselves!

    Btw, Bl$$my, did you get your mandatory flue shot yet? Come on now, you’ve got to practice what you preach!

  4. On the other hand, styrofoam is nearly immortal. It never, ever degrades, filling landfills for near-eternity. True, cardboard costs trees, but trees are a renewable resource, and paper cups turn back into the earth the trees took them from. In the long run, this is actually a cost-effective move for the tax-paying community.

  5. How about banning landing helicopters on weekends at a certain helipad near a residential upscale neighborhood? Oh, wait…it was already banned. So why does Bloomberg continue to land his helicopter there repeatedly, despite complaints from neighbors and despite it being unlawful? Oh right…he’s the mayor. Banning and outlawing things is for the “little people” to follow. Not himself.

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