Mayor de Blasio Defends Yeshivos, Yaffed Lawsuit Shows ‘Warped View of the World’

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a robust defense of his administration’s yeshiva policies, telling that dialogue and respect is the way to work with communities, according to the Kensington-based Hamodia newspaper.

“It never surprises me when advocates present a warped view of the world,” de Blasio told NY1 on Monday, Hamodia reported, after he was asked about the lawsuit filed by an anti-yeshivah group, “and I think this is one here.”

“I have found often,” de Blasio said, according to a transcript of the interview distributed by his office, “working with the Orthodox community that a strong dialogue and a respectful dialogue gets things done.”



  1. Why dont you have the guts to call out the people behind Yaffed for what they are? A RASHA mirusha moser who is a choteh umachtee!!!

      • This is such a silly comment. There is a simple reason why Kiryas Yoel, New Square, etc. have a high poverty rate. It has NOTHING to with the level of secular education. Any young couple jewish or not jewish with one or two children earning minimum wage will qualify for food stamps etc.. In these communities, all young men join a kollel after getting married. The pay is in a kollel is less than minimum wage so they live off their wives paycheck which is also about minimum wage. When they have two children the wife stays home and they go to work. Many do very well despite what Moster calls a lack of education. Thank G-D, I have a few sons and sons in- laws who didn’t finish high school and are doing nicely financially.

        • and what about those who aren’t doing well financially? it’s easy to point out the lottery winner! it’s also easy to ignore all those who lose the lottery!

  2. It sounds like the modern version of the classic meshumad. I.e. another loser that will blame everyone else for his misfortunes. He envisioned that once he will leave the fold life will just fall in place.

  3. “when advocates present a warped view of the world”

    That includes advocates of all types, not only the ones under discussion here, but their opponents as well.

  4. To Enough Already,
    It is interesting that you don’t call him / them liars. You use the word moser. To be a moser, you need something to be moser on / about. Too bad what they are saying is true. There is little to no secular education in many yeshivos. It’s high time the situation got remedied.

      • חכמים הזהרו בדבריכם

        Questions of halacha are to be decided by qualified authorities, not internet commentators.

        Some things which may have existed in the past,under different conditions, are not נוהג בזמן הזה, not applicable to the present day.

        • Your comment is bordering on apikursis. When the reform movement started, similar statements were made. Our Torah Hakdosha is eternal. No changes.

  5. This has nothing to do with the policy and everything to do with the $$$.
    All the Yeshivos have to do is let go of the state and Federal $$$ and the whole problem goes away.

  6. Mayor De Blazio has ro defend the haimishe askunim, he needs the block vote.

    He has no idea that most of us WANT OUR KIDS to get a better education.
    Call Yaffed whatever names you want, aren’t the right that there is zero education in the chassidishe schools?

    As many others within the community, I hope Yaffed can get something done. There is zero chance that change will ocuur otherwise.

      • nuuu… how many rabbonim supported seculer education in yeshivas in europe and then in America in the 40s and 50s 60s torah vodas had secular education!

      • No, I can’t!
        And that has nothing todo with my comment.
        I wasn’t defending Yaffed. I was defending the need pf the chassiddish yeshives to give basic education.

        The fact is that most PATENTS I speak to would love for their children to be able to speak & wrote the language used in this country AND to know basic math…

        (Whether the “prominent” rabbonim want the same is a separate issue.
        As for the prominent “askanim”…. Lets not get into that. They need the masses uneducated and dumb. That’s what keeps them alive. But thats for another time)

  7. The issue is not Yaffed – or whatever they call themselves. The issue is simply getting a basic secular education for all yeshiva students so they can stay off the welfare rolls. Get as riled up about the lack of secular education as you do about Yaffed and maybe some progress can be made.


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