Mayor De Blasio Launches Presidential Campaign


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio launched his presidential campaign on Thursday, joining a crowded field of 24 Democratic contenders.

“Donald Trump must be stopped,” he said in a video announcing the launch of his campaign. “I’ve beaten him before and I’ll do it again.”

“I will take on the wealthy. I will take on the big corporations. I will not rest until this government serves working people. As mayor of the largest city in America, I’ve done just that,” he added.

Read more at The Hill.


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  1. If anyone should run on the Democratic ticket it should be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). Not that she’d win but neither would any of the other candidates against Trump. She’d be the only one among all the clowns running who actually has an agenda – albeit a nutty one. But who cares? She’d be the only one who has some plans other than maligning a duly elected President.

  2. Maybe mental health care will get a boost in this country now that 2 dozen severely compromised in reality individuals representing no one but themselves are declared. We is Rome. The Huns are coming.

  3. Did DeBlasio use City vehicles for this ad? Did he do the video shoot during working hours? Were the people in the background compensated for their appearance?

  4. This is great news for NYC. The more his attention is distracted from playing mayor, the better off the city will be.

  5. “New York City Mayor Bill de Balsio, aka William “The Fuhrer” Wilhelm III launched his presidential campaign on Thursday……………………..Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BORUCH DAYAN EMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the U. S. A. !!!!!!!!!!

    RACHMONO LITZLON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HASHEM YISHMEREINU Ve YA Tzileini !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Head to the hills if this complete buffoon wins !!!!!!!

    He can not even manage a lemon aid stand !!!!!!!

    He gets up at 11 in the morning.
    He goes to the gym till 3 PM


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