Mayor De Blasio Promises To Crack Down On Fireworks Suppliers After Gracie Mansion Protest

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The city is cracking down on suppliers of fireworks that have been exploding all over the city in recent days, Mayor de Blasio said Tuesday.

A special task force will do “undercover buys” and conduct “sting operations” to catch vendors illegally selling fireworks both in the city and in other states, Hizzoner said.

FDNY fire marshals and members of the NYPD’s intelligence bureau will track down where the fireworks are coming from, while sheriff’s deputies will address the problem “at its root,” according to de Blasio.

Read more at New York Daily News.



  1. We need action, not just words.

    This De Blasio-Dinkins administration has taken us back to the dark pre-Giuliani era.

    Enough already.

  2. What do the fireworks suppliers have to do with the street animals going wild? Shouldn’t you arrest the actual perpetrators?! What a disgraceful injustice: the street animals who actually commit mayhem are not stopped by the corrupt police, while the fireworks shop owners are going to be endlessly investigated and bankrupted by the aggressive DA with the unlimited resources. By the way, it’s not like a shop owner can deny selling the fireworks to the street animals – then he’ll be accused of racism and lynched by the government anyway. Even if the fireworks would stop being sold as of this moment, the street animals would figure out other ways how to set up home made explosives and arsons. The only way to stop chaos on the streets is to actually put away the street animals; anything else is just a bunch of the liberal-fascist lies and manipulation.


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