Mayor Defends Road Repair Cuts Amid Pothole Explosion

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bloombergFollowing record-breaking snowstorms, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg faced bumpy questions today about recent cuts to road repair workers.

The questions come as New Yorkers struggle with a sea of potholes that followed the storms.

Bloomberg defended the furloughing of the repair crews as a cost-saving measure, and suggested Albany hasn’t been coughing up needed cash.

“Do we have enough resources? No. And the future is unless we can get some help from Albany in reducing some of the mandates, the future’s going to mean even more sacrifice,” Bloomberg said.

“This is just the beginning of the dialing back,” he added.

Bloomberg pointed out the turnaround time on filling a pothole has grown from an average two days to three and a half.

Bloomberg was also asked about the record-breaking $500,000 parking ticket blitz when alternate side parking rules resumed on Monday. Many felt unfairly ticketed since their cars were still snowed in.

“The law says you’ve got to move your car. You’ve got to move the car and if you don’t you get a ticket,” Bloomberg said. “I’m sorry but we have to be able to get in and clean the streets.”

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