Mayor of Ashdod Visits Yungerman Who Was Stabbed


lasry-ashdod-mayerAshdod Mayor Dr. Yechiel Lasry paid a special visit last night to the home of Reb Shraga Mayer of Ashdod, who was stabbed last week by hooligans in the city. Reb Shraga, who lives in Rova Zayin in the city, was also visited by Reb Ephraim Weber, Ashdod city council member.

The Mayor’s visit comes after last week’s violence during which punks beat Reb Shraga and stabbed him with a knife. During the past few days, Reb Shraga has also been visited by the Chernobler Rebbe, the Tolna Rebbe of Ashdod, Rav Boruch Hager of Ashdod and others.  

The mayor said during the visit that he will conduct another meeting with senior representatives of the town and the police to take care of installing security cameras in all of Rova Zayin in Ashdod, in addition to those already installed in the past in the town.

 {Yair Israel}



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