Mazel Tov! First Baby Of 2019 Is Born To Frum Couple In Long Island


Adina and Eli Derdik welcomed their boy seven seconds after midnight on New Year’s Day, likely making him the first baby born on Long Island and the metropolitan area in 2019.

The 7-lb, 13-ounce baby, who has yet to be named, was born surrounded by party hats, glitter makeup, streamers, excitement and “the whole staff” of Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, his mom said.

“It was an amazing moment,” said Adina Derdik, 24, a graphic designer. “We had a cheering squad. We had the ball dropping in the background.”

The Derdik’s second child was the “best kind” of birthday present for Eli Derdik, who is turning 28 on Jan. 2. Adina joked that the timing made them miss the 2018 tax deduction.

“I’d rather the tax deduction than the New Year’s baby, but you can’t plan these things,” Adina said, with a laugh.



  1. Wow. What a tzniusdik story. Mamesh toradik. Would you like to tell us anything else Mrs. Derdik said? There is a big toeles to be mivarsame every detail.

  2. OF WhAt relavence is it important for us ehrlicher shomrei torah to know who was the first born on the christian calandar. why didnt you post the 1st one motzei rosh hashana?

  3. Oy Gevald! Guys, stop kvetching. Yes you’re right it’s not our New Year, But with all the terrible stuff that goes on, what’s the big deal about having a light hearted if yet fluff story. Be still, just just crack a smile, be happy for a fellow yid having a BH healthy baby and go on to the next story on line. It’s not a Gemora!


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