MBD to Move to Eretz Yisroel, Purchases Yerushalayim Home


mbdAs reported last week here on Matzav.com, Mordechai Ben David Werdyger has released what he says is going to be his final album, titled “Kessufim” (Yearning), featuring the Shira Choir.

And now, in an album trailer featured here on Matzav.com in the Matzav Featured Video section to the right of this screen, Mordechai shares that his eyes are set on Artzeinu Hakedoshah.

While he has long had plans to move in Eretz Yisroel, he says, “baruch Hashem, we have purchased a house in Yerushalayim.”

MBD hopes to move in the near future from his home in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, to Yerushalayim.

As for his musical career, he says, he is finished recording albums. “I have no plans for further albums,” he says. “I hope to spend the rest of my life, until 120, learning Torah and doing mitzvos.”

MBD did not indicate that he would stop singing publically, just that he would not record any additional albums.

The newest album, which MBD says returns to the roots of Chassidishe music, comes thirty-eight years after the release of his first record. The new album features fourteen songs, including ten new niggunim and four old compositions. Composers include MBD himself, Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz of Los Angeles, and Yitzchok Fuchs.

MBD was born on April 16, 1951, to Chazzan and Mrs. David Werdyger. Chazzan Werdyger, originally from Cracow, was one of the “Schindler Jews” and miraculously survived the Nazi inferno during the Holocaust.

The sixty-year-old singer has produced dozens of Jewish music albums over the past 40 years and has recorded much of his recent music at his own personal studio in his home in Sea Gate. . In addition to his inspiring singing, MBD is a talented composer, having authored dozens of big hits over the years.

May he see much hatzlacha in his future endeavors, immersing himself in limud haTorah.

{Shmiel Gellman-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. “I hope to spend the rest of my life, until 120, learning Torah and doing mitzvos.”

    Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! May he accomplish his goal and then become a role model for his listeners.

  2. So much anger…jealousy perhaps??? why does it bother anyone that he is making a move…why the negetive comments? Can’t you all just wish someone good luck and be happy for the choices they make…especially if they are positive ones??? Can’t understand…..simply can’t understand why people react the way they do..
    And you wonder why we are still in golus….all the hateful, angry feelings buried deep in our hearts….admit it…it’s there!
    Good Luck…and thanks for a beautiful CD. I just purchased it and have been listening to it over and over and over….
    P.S. just happened to have bumped into his wife last week…she told me they were moving…eventually….
    May he be zoicha to many many years of Limud Torah….and Masim Tovim. Lucky you.

  3. i really dont beleive that this is his last recording i am 99 per cent sure he will record more
    anyway i wish him all the best on his temporary retirement kol yuv to him.

  4. Beautifull news! I’m quite happy for him. I just wonder why people would post a comment saying who cares? This is a private news site and if you have reservations about specific items in their news column then don’t read it. It’s really non of anybodys business and to as a result post negative comments about something which is of interest to a good hundred thousand yidden. Is simply selfishness and immaturity. And its worth bearing in mind that MBD brought more chzuk in emuna and dveikis in hashem then alot of musar masgiachs put together. Fact remains that tshuva biahava is A. more effective and B. More long lasting. And besides being misameach a depressed Jew is a huge mitzva in itself. Now boys in yeshiva maybe shouldn’t all listen to MBD’s music it might not be beneficial to those that get brought down in their ruchniyus as a result, but alot of buchrim do go up in their ruchniyus. And so let the the mashgichim decide. But to put an all out ban is just plain wrong, and counterproductive!

  5. #7, I dont think its hatred. I think they are reacting the way they did because they dont think this is newsworthy. Plenty of people move to different counrties and its not in the news so why should this be any different.

  6. i wish him well & hope EVERYONE starts moving to Eretz yisroel

    the latest message from Hashem came a few months ago saying:
    go to E”Y NOW & go with-your-fortune.
    wait & soon thousands will be going, because there will be no more money to them & the economy in Israel is better.


  7. #8…who are you addressing this to? I fail to see what you are saying…if you are responding the a comment before…makes no sense…sorry….

  8. Hazlacha Rabba to MBD…tell him from me, its been a very long journey since Torah Educational Center of Swan Lake…and a good one at that…


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