McCain: Time to ‘Pull the Trigger’ With Iran


mccainSenator John McCain says the United States has been backing away from a brewing fight with Iran, while that country moves ever closer to having nuclear weapons. McCain opened a Senate hearing yesterday by saying that Iran will get the bomb unless the United States acts more boldly.

Speaking figuratively, the Arizona Republican says the U.S. keeps pointing a loaded gun at Iran but failing to “pull the trigger.”

{MSNBC/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Mr Mcccin I understand you are running for the senate, and this policy of yours which sounds right, will get you reelected hopefully, but senator Mcccin, we firstly have still not forgoten former President Bushes, security staff’s false assessment on this matter and how predicted that achMADinejad is many years away from creating a bomb and how the intention of iran might not even be to use nukes as weapons, and his own lack of action as a result, and mr Mcccin, we have still not forgotten your lunitic kind of rehitoric prior to the elections, concerning your shooting down anybody who disagrees with your policies, and how you will fire the secret service and defend yourself and anybody trying to attack you will be met with your threatining response. But we must not forget what this man endured in the vietnom prison and so he is a hero, but he just sounds silly sometimes.


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