McCain Vows to Block Dempsey for Military Post


mccainSen. John McCain said today that he will place a hold on the renomination of the nation’s top military officer, after he and Army Gen. Martin Dempsey got into a heated exchange on the Hill over the administration’s handling of the Syrian civil war.

McCain clashed with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as he suggested Dempsey was partly responsible for a lackluster response to the Assad regime’s aggression.

After the exchange, the Arizona Republican told reporters he would place a hold on Dempsey’s nomination for a second term. A “hold” refers to the Senate practice in which a lawmaker can stall a nomination in order to extract information or assurances out of a nominee — in this case, McCain suggested Dempsey was not being forthcoming at the hearing about his views on Syria and other subjects.

Read more at FOX NEWS.

{ Newscenter}


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