McDonalds Won’t Open in Settlement to Protest Israeli Settlement Policy

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mcdonaldsThe Israeli branch of McDonald’s says it won’t open a restaurant in a Jewish settlement to protest Israel settlement policy.

Irina Shalmor, spokeswoman for McDonald’s Israel, said the owners of a planned mall in the Ariel settlement asked McDonald’s to open a branch there about six months ago. The chain refused because it is the policy of McDonald’s Israel’s owner to stay out of the occupied territories.

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  1. From a financial standpoint makes perfect sense. The people most offended by this are already not buying McDonald’s, so why annoy your customers at the expense of your non-customers?

  2. We all care cause this businessman is arrogant against Shabbos observance and deciding himself what the borders of the land are.

    Downright CHUTZPAH, I would demonstrate outside the store if I lived nearby!!

  3. There are plenty of drum people who eat rabbanut. Halevai more McDonalds would be kosher and we would have less trief in EY.

    BH here is Bet Shemesh our McDonalds recently moved and took on rabbanut, which means that there are no longer any treifus in town.


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