McDonald’s Doesn’t Like ‘McFalafel’ Name

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mcfalafelFast-food giant McDonald’s has forced a Toronto start-up restaurant to change its name from McFalafel in a trademark dispute.

Restaurant owner Abdal Salam told the Toronto Star he’s been hounded by the U.S. fast-food chain’s lawyers since opening his falafel shop several months ago and he finally gave up the fight.

He claims the “Mc” prefix stands for Mediterranean Cuisine and his menu is nowhere near what McDonald’s sells, with the exception of McFalafels, which McDonald’s sells in Egypt.

In the meantime, Salam used circular decals to turn the “Mc” to “Mo” on his store signs and menus, the Star said.

Salam said that was a temporary measure until his business is running at capacity.

“After I have enough money, I’ll go fight,” he said.

The Star said earlier this week, a court in Malaysia sided in favor of a restaurant named McCurry, which McDonald’s had challenged.

{UPI/ Newscenter}


  1. Its not the first case. A store in Boro Park had to change its name a few years ago because They wrote on the sign. “MCFlieschig”
    He changed it to big innstead of MC

  2. does anyone know for a fact if Mcfleishigs was really forced to change their name? Also, there their “hoagies” and the rest of the menu was copied directly from McDonalds!
    While this isn’t a Kosher establishment, there definitely is a shortage of fast-food kosher eateries here in Toronto


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