McDonald’s Tweets at Trump: ‘Disgusting Excuse of a President’

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McDonald’s received both acclaim and backlash today after firing off a tweet critical of President Trump. At 9:15 a.m., the fast-food titan’s corporate Twitter account tweeted at the commander-in-chief, telling him, “You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands,” the Daily Beast reports.

The post was deleted within 20 minutes, but not before the @McDonaldsCorp account pinned it to the top of its profile page and received several thousand likes and retweets. The company did not immediately return requests for comments. About 10:30 a.m., the company tweeted, “Twitter notified us that our account was compromised. We deleted the tweet, secured our account and are now investigating this.”


  1. If you think Obama is so great that we know that your opinion isntit worth anything he was a liberal Muslim lover Who did nothing below is a bar in this country did you have an opinion about Mr. Obama when he got involved when the white policeman arrestedthe black man
    I think that was a pretty poor excuse of a president somehow that didn’t seem to bother you

  2. Dear Jews if you are kosher you should not be eating McDonalds in the first place, I think it is that cheese on non kosher meat that does it, and that non kosher chicken, etc. I am sure it is one of their rogue employees or just some one getting into their system, and if so they should check their system since many things on ordered online and charges and credit card numbers.

  3. business should stick to business
    sports players should stick to all they know, sports
    what does mcdonalds know about anything but serving scraps of garbage to ppl who shouldnt be eating it in the first place??


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