McEnany Defends Trump After Bombshell Woodward Revelation

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany defended President Trump on Wednesday after a book by journalist Bob Woodward claimed Trump said he knew the coronavirus was “deadly” but went to great lengths to downplay the virus in public.

“When you are facing insurmountable challenges, it is important to express confidence, it is important to express calm,” McEnany told reporters in a briefing from the White House.

“He makes clear that he doesn’t want to see chaos, by the way, which is the second part of the quote which you failed to read,” she continued, addressing a reporter who had read part of the quote.

“The president just days after having this discussion with Bob Woodward, said this from this podium, on March 30, he said, ‘I do want them to stay calm, we are doing a great job, if you look at the individual statements they are all true, stay calm, it will go away but it’s important to stay calm,’” the press secretary said. “So this president does what leaders do — good leaders — it’s stay calm and resolute at a time when you face an insurmountable challenge.”

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