Measles Found In Two More States As Outbreak Grows To 1,022 Cases


The country’s worst measles outbreak in over 25 years has spread to two more states in the past week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There have been 41 new cases of measles in the past week, bringing the total to 1,022 cases as of June 6. For the first time in the current outbreak, cases of measles were confirmed in Virginia and Idaho. There are now confirmed cases in 28 states across the country.

The current outbreak through the first five months of this year is already the worst since 1992, and federal health officials have warned the country is at risk of losing its measles elimination status after the measles was declared eliminated in the U.S. in 2000.

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  1. Every time we read such news we ought to give kiddush that Jews are waking up and not being led like sheep to the slaughter.

      • Will you start wearing tinfoil hats when you’ll find out that all so-called conspiracy theories (stuff that the government didn’t want you to investigate) will turn out to be true? (I have a secret for you: The truth of all these conspiracies will be revealed much much sooner than you expect it to and that “they” want you to.)

  2. To those who run “Matzav”: the truth about the vaccine agenda is an open book. Vaccines are designed & promoted by vicious “white collar” criminals. With zero scruples they also know how to manipulate the minds & morals of “scientists & doctors” to follow orders & make sure to richly reward them for their efforts.

    It’s also quite breathtaking to see so many “rabbis” who know nothing about health & the fact that the immune system is so miraculously intricate & should never be tampered with by injecting verifiable filth into anyone’s precious bloodstream, never mind the delicate system of a newborn.

    Any entity that leads to slander, machlokes, Sinas Chinam, cruel denial of epidemic proportions of vaccine death & damage in our communities is most certainly riddled with sheker & k’FEAR’ah. Yet – have your hearts been so hardened as to not tremble that you will be held accountable for promoting vaccines instead of standing up for the emes? Yes – it’s hard to do…but it should be harder NOT to…but that takes being able to CARE…

  3. so how long will it take before they blame it on williamsburg? i venture to guess that there are antivaxxers all over this country.

  4. Was the outbreak in ’92 also linked to anti-vaxing Yidden? Have the cases in Virginia and Idaho, and the other twenty-plus states without major Orthodox populations, also been linked to travelers from Israel? All of my children were vaccinated. All of my of-age grandchildren have been vaccinated. That does not change the fact that the media, in general, and to a far lesser, but arguably more dangerous degree, the Jewish outlets, have been successful at placing the majority of the blame for the current outbreak on our own, largely vaccinated community.


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