MEASLES ON THE LOOSE: Mother Escapes Clinic After Measles Diagnosis To Avoid Fine

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A Jewish mother who brought in her child to a doctor in Rockland County this week made a quick escape from the office when it was discovered her unvaccinated child had the measles.

The mother had brought in her child for a check up for a sore throat when the examining doctor found Koplik spots in the child’s mouth. Koplik spots are small white lesions that appear in a measles patient’s mouth two to three days before the measles rash itself and are considered pathognomonic (a tell-tale symptom) for the measles.

When told that her child had the measles the mother immediately ran from the clinic to avoid a fine under the Department of Health backed State for Emergency in Rockland County.

Starting on March 27, anyone under 18 years of age and is not vaccinated against the measles was barred from public places. Anyone unvaccinated with the measles who was caught in public could face fines or even a jail term up to six months. Parents of unvaccinated children with the measles face similar penalties.



  1. she is very silly, she should brace herself to be woken by police tonight or the next few days because she is a criminal. she is putting the whole public at risk. shame on her. as a jew she is creating a huge chillul hashem! sad. hashem should watch us all

  2. Reminds me of Germany. Let’s start rounding up the Jews. Let’s put all those non vaccinated parents and children on cattle cars.

    • Dosent it remind you also of Pharoh, Antiyochus, Titus, Nebuchadnetzar, Stalin? Hows about – gas chambers? gallows? brutal sadism?
      Are u nuts??????
      did u blow it altogether?
      Rfuah shelaimah! רפואת הנפש ורפואת הגוף

  3. To freedom has ended;
    YES! We should do just that. Of course it’s like Germany. Any parent who refuses to vaccinate their child is a potential murderer.

  4. a parent can make whatever decision he/she thinks is right for her/his child, but has no right to force that decision on anyone else. parents of children exposed to measles often have to take off from work/yeshiva as the child is quaranteed for 3 weeks. who pays for missed wages, missed kollel stipend? if you are anti vaccine, keep your child home if for no other reason that it may be against the law even if it doesnt bother you if you may be the cause of harm to someone else

  5. so now the whole waiting room was exposed to the measles…hope the other kids have immunity..slogan should be IF YOU DONT IMMUNIZE YOU WILL BE PENALIZED.

    • Hope the other kids WILL GET lifetime immunity by contracting the actual measles, unlike the vaccinations that has no lifetime immunity.

    • I have doubts as to the veracity of this story. The person who supposedly ran away, was registered and signed it at the clinic, and the doctor’s office knows exactly who she is and her address. She is not an anonymous person.

  6. Let’s see this for exactly what it is…..


    Now that I got your attention, because you though I am anti-vax, guess again.

    The reason for the Rockland County rule is all about the $$$

    So, if you have measels, and go into a supermarket and make me/my kid sick, you will be liable for lost wages, work, dr. bills etc.

    To all you meshuga anti-vaxers out there. YOU HAVE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MAKING PEOPLE SICK AND CHAS VSHOLOM MURDER. Get ready to be prosecuted for your germ warfare.

  7. Nyj: I would give some benefit.of the doubt to you crazies if not for this coy comment you keep pushing. We are all aware of the pissibility of the measles affecting a vaccinated person. We wouldnt have to be aware of it had people like you vaccinated.

    • so now, you are saying that my healthy, vaccinated child must be quarantined for three weeks if he was exposed? Which Doctor would recommend that? And this seems to show us that you are not protected by getting vaccinated. Another reason why the people who don’t vaccinate are worried. They don’t want to inject chemicals into their bodies that are not actually working as they are supposed to.

  8. When will you people wake up and do some research on the risk of the worthless MMR vaccinations? Don’t you see that adults who were vaccinated are the ones getting the measles while adults who got the actual measles as kids are not getting the measles again??????????? How long still will it take you to wake up? Are you afraid to lose your status of temimus and be expelled from your silly putty club?

  9. Anti vax do what you want in your own house. Dont even go to the grocery because you are putting michshlos on ivrim!!! Stay home in your cave for 21 (sometimes28 ) also Ill make sure to ask vacination charts when it comes to shiduchim. You murderer. I dont want my future grandkids go thru so much h*** because you are so gulible

    • Again, calling someone “murderer” Please let me know how many people were murdered as a result of this measles outbreak?

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