Media Darling Khizr Khan: Allah Is Causing Trump to Make Stupid Mistakes

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Allahu Akbar.

Sharia supporting attorney Khizr Khan is still making the media rounds, reports Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit.

Khan, who waved a US Constitution at Donald Trump at the DNC Convention, was interviewed by Dunya Pakistani News this week. Khan believes Sharia trumps the Constitution, so the entire premise of his DNC speech was a big lie.

Khan told Dunya News that Allah is working in this election.

Dunya News reported, via Religion of Peace:

The father of martyred United States (US) soldier Captain Humayun Khan, Khizr Khan, has on Thursday said that the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is unacceptable to the US. He said that Allah makes people like Trump to make mistakes to discredit them in public eyes forever, reported Dunya News.

Talking exclusively to Dunya News on program Nuqta-e-Nazar, Khizr Khan said that he often gets emotional while speaking in public but when nature wants you to do something, words come by themselves. He said his speech was a gift from the God. “I showed the constitution only because I wanted to remind people that nobody could be discriminated against in the name of religion”, said Khizr.

Gateway Pundit



  1. Joeif you truly believe in “him” Then how can u support a party whose vp goes out if way to officiate a toeive “wedding” have you conveniently decided that “he” is ok with this stuff you have very accommodating god

  2. This is a good article. Mr. Khan is allowed to have a faith in G-d and if his culture has the word “allah” to denote the Holy One, that is not offensive to social human culture.

    Still, his safe thoughts of the past before attempting to pursue office are his own. We can expect that any comments he makes today are what we must decide for his competitive reasoning. I do not think this man did anything different than stand up and look for human rights.

    If we are too afraid of sharia law values added to America, we are not going to let any muslim lead any office. They have rights under our constitution and we have a right to vote. The world can see that all heinous acts are forbidden by our constitution and they may have some leeway in humor to just find some family rights. That is not offensive and we need more civil rights. We must see what goes on in our future.


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