Media Goes Wild With Claim Trump Mocked Reporter with Disability

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trumpDonald Trump again came under fire on Wednesday from the media – always ready to pounce on him – for mocking a New York Times reporter with a congenital joint condition at a South Carolina rally.

The Times lambasted Trump as “outrageous” for berating its reporter, Serge Kovaleski, while trying to defend his claim that “thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the 9/11 attacks. Kovaleski recently disputed Trump’s claim while recalling a Washington Post article he wrote a few days after the attacks.

During his speech Tuesday night, Trump appeared to mock Kovaleski’s condition as he jerked his arm in front of himself. Kovaleski has arthrogryposis, a congenital condition that affects joint movement.

A New York Times spokesperson told Politico, “We think it’s outrageous that he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters.”

Late Wednesday night, Trump posted a series of tweets attacking the newspaper, stating, “The failing @nytimes should be focused on good reporting and the papers financial survival and not with constant hits on Donald Trump!

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  1. Don’t stick up for Trump! This guy is stirring up hatred throughout the country. No wonder the white supremacist movement is saying they have finally found someone who supports interests close to their heart. (David Duke, for example, said that other than the fact that Trump has so many connections with the Jews, he has finally found his man.) His supporters are mostly white trash who don’t realize how unintelligent, boorish, egomaniacal, morally reprehensible, and vile he is. He wants to make the country “great” through kicking out immigrants (we all know he hates all immigrants, i.e., Latinos – not just illegals); he supports beating up black protesters at his events; he tweeted wildly false and inflammatory statistics about blacks killing whites – taken from a neo-Nazi site; he thinks it’s a good idea to make government databases of all Muslims (should they also be required to wear a star on their clothes?). He has mocked the disabled a number of times. His mouth sounds like a sewer. He thinks the country needs to follow in his image. (Never mind that no one has a clue what he actually believes about any of the issues – he has not told us, even if he was capable of understanding them.)

    There are starting to be creeping similarities between this guy and his crowd and 1920’s Germany. In the past week many are commenting on it. The anger stemming from his supporters and at his events is scary. It reminds me of what Jews or blacks must have felt like during the lynch era in the South. If he would be elected and the economy would turn bad I wonder who the Trumpists would blame it on and turn against?

    Frum Jews: Don’t be taken in by this guy! Don’t help create a United States of Trump! As much as I detest the “all conservatives are anti-Semites and racists” mindset (I am a conservative and voted republican my whole life) this guy truly scares me. He is electrifying a mindset in this country that was mostly buried and should remain so.

  2. Trump’s daughter is Jewish and I see no evidence that he is an anti-Semitic at all.

    But he is supported by the worst hate groups around and he won’t disavow them.

    He is more like Mussolini than Hitler. Mussolini had Jewish support when he took over Italy; he pledged to improve the economy, restore law and order, and to make Italy great again. We all know how well that worked out. 🙁

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