Medical Experts Say Could Be Years Before Schools Get Back to Normal

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Medical experts say it may be years before students can return to school without proper social distancing measures in place, and that a combination of a coronavirus vaccine, herd immunity and proper hygienic practices are needed before things can get back to normal.

“You’re really going to need all three moving forward,” Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, told CNBC.

But, “if you have a vaccine, you’re still going to have to wear a mask and still have to try to social distance.”

The U.S. government’s $10 billion Operation Warp Speed initiative to speed up the development of drugs, vaccines and other measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic, aims to deliver 300 million doses of a safe, effective vaccine by January 2021.

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  1. To all parents who do not want to give their child the Covid vaccine. Now is the time to contact your child’s school administration and tell them your feelings. Don’t wait till your state mandates it for your children. That is the writing on the wall.

    You can share this information with them:

    1. The Covid vaccine is only being tested in age 18 and older, and in those in good health. Check out the eligibility criteria for participants in the Moderna vaccine clinical trials here:

    2. The vaccine is being fast-tracked, which means that certain medical protocols are being skipped, which are usually done for other vaccines to determine safety.

    3. The Moderna vaccine (and others) uses a new technology – nRNA – that has never yet been approved for human beings in a vaccine for an infectious illness. “University of Cambridge: RNA vaccines: an introduction”

    4. Scientists are wary of a possible dangerous reaction to the Covid vaccine: “Coronavirus vaccine developers wary of errant antibodies”

    5. Bill Gates was interviewed and asked about the “at least 80%” of participants having a systemic reaction from the vaccine: (Bill Gates Norah O’Donnell CBSN)

    6. Scientists are saying that most likely the side effects from the vaccine will be the same symptoms that are seen with the virus (which makes sense, because the person is creating the virus in their body): “Covid-19 vaccines may cause mild side effects, experts say, stressing need for education, not alarm”

    7. The FDA will license a vaccine even if it does not prevent infection, and the Moderna vaccine’s primary goal is to just lessen symptoms: “Experts think first COVID-19 vaccines might not prevent infections”

    8. As is the case with other vaccines, manufacturers will not be held financially liable for any damage or death that may occur from the Covid vaccine.

    If the vaccine is not tested in children, and if it turns out that the vaccine will not prevent infection and thus will not prevent your child from giving the infection to an adult, and if the vaccine just lessens the severity of symptoms but children do not even have severe symptoms in the first place, then what justifiable reason would a school have to mandate the vaccine for your child?

    P.S. Some schools are buying Covid rapid-testing equipment, which are not very accurate. If you do not want your child tested in school should they display a Covid symptom, let your school administration know that as well.

  2. Until now it was only politicians including the health department politicians who gave all the updates and nonsense of corona baloney. Why are medical experts suddenly meddling in this political hoax? With all the deaths doctors brought about in hospitals for the past 7 months, they’ve equally lost their credibility.

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