Meeting Between Netanyahu And Other Right-wing Factions Commences

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The senior leadership of the Yamina, United Torah Judaism and Shas parties have arrived at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem for a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding a possible coordination effort as a united bloc going into coalition negotiations.

With 91% of the vote counted, the right-wing bloc has just 55 seats — not enough to form a coalition on its own.

However, Channel 12 reports Netanyahu is hoping that Rivlin will consider the 55 seat bloc as a single party and therefore agree to task the premier with forming the next government for having a bigger-sized faction than the Blue and White party.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Its simple.

    Lieberman won’t join with any frum party.
    Lieberman won’t join with a coalition that has arab parties.
    Lieberman won’t join with Likud if Netanyahu is in control.

    The arabs won’t join a Likud led coalition.
    The frum won’t join a coalition with Lapid.
    Gantz refuses to part with Lapid.
    The Yamina party won’t join with Gantz or any Left parties.
    The Left parties won’t sit with the Right or the Frum.
    Gantz won’t join with Likud if Netanyahu is their leader.
    Likud refuse to join with any party that doesn’t accept Netanyahu as leader of Likud.

    This set of restrictions makes it impossible for any coalition to be formed.


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