Megyn Kelly Won’t Apologize for ‘Doing Good Journalism’


trumpMegyn Kelly took to the air on Monday night to defend herself against Donald Trump. The GOP front-runner earlier on Monday refused to apologize for comments about the Fox News host after the GOP debate.

Kelly said she would not address the controversy: “I’ve decided not to respond,” she said Monday night. “I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism, without fear or favor…It’s time now to move forward. And now back to the news.” Read more at Mediate.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I used to be an admirer of Kelly, but I do not believe that attacking a candidate is the job of a journalist.
    I will not watch anything else from her.
    She is full of herself.

  2. Ana,
    Apparently you don’t understand what a journalist does. A journalist reports the facts as they see them and points out inconsistencies when they notice a pattern. It’s not her fault trump talks from both sides of his mouth.
    And at the fox debate she was a moderator. its not fair to count her as a journalist when she is acting in capacity as a moderator.

  3. Making TV anchors and reporters into stars went to their heads. In the old days, they were often wrong but always professional in their manner.

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