Melania Trump Used Private Email In White House

Melania Trump sits with Ivanka Trump, along with Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence at the presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., on Monday. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Melina Mara, The Washington Post
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First lady Melania Trump used a private email account linked to the Trump Organization from a email domain while in the White House, a former friend of hers told The Washington Post.

In messages viewed by the Post that were sent from private email and messaging accounts, Trump discussed government hires and contracts, schedules for her and the president, her Be Best initiative, the Easter egg roll and finances for the presidential inauguration.

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  1. So have a lot of other Trump Administration officials. Trump himself uses an unsecure smartphone that has reportedly been compromised by both Israel and Russia. Why aren’t all the Trumpies screaming, “Lock Them Up?” Hypocrites.

  2. And considering this came from a tell-all yenta book, it’s very reasonable that this is a bunch of garbage.

  3. Clinton used her own private e-mail server whose identity and owner (namely, herself) she hid using front names. And she ordered much of the contents destroyed. And that was during her office of Secretary of State and using it for official government matters related to her duties of office. Things like the inauguration mentioned here is a mix of things. The inauguration security is paid for by the tax payer, and Melanie has no connection to that. But the “frills”, such as parades, are paid for by private finds.

  4. Where are the screams of the people who shouted “Lock Her Up” at Clinton? Melania along with Jared and Ivanka should be locked up according to their logic. Trump supporters are hypocrites, as is Trump.

    • You may be sure that Hillary was not executed because she used her own private e-mail server. If only this was her biggest crime. And this was not the reason they shouted at her “Lock Her Up”.

    • Maybe because none of the information contained any secret or classified information. What law did she break by discussing inauguration expenses in a private e-mail? Those expenses are nto even paid for by the government, the money is raised by the President from private donors


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