Melbourne Shul Stabbing Over Herring at Kiddush

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Last night, reported on a stabbing at a shul in St Kilda East in Melbourne, Australia.

The incident took place around noontime, after davening, at the Yeshivah Centre shul on Hotham Street, which went into lockdown for about an hour.

It turns out that the dispute was – get this – over herring at the shul Kiddush.

Apparently, one man had asked another to pass some herring, and when the second man refused, the first one picked up a knife and stabbed him.

The victim, who is in his 20s, suffered abdominal injuries. He was taken to The Alfred hospital, where he was in serious but stable condition.



  1. sounds like both parties have issues – one for not passing the herring and, obviously the stabber… We should learn from this – if someone asks you to pass the herring at a Kiddush – DO IT!

  2. There exist people with issues and even for medical professionals it is not always 100% obvious how to deal, let alone for us ordinary people. There are many such people who enjoy their herrings without incident, then again what happened in Melbourne is terrible. I have no suggestions nor solutions, I hope other commenters can propose something. A heartfelt Refua Shleima.

  3. This is hate satanic terror.

    To think that our yidden are not even safe among our own in our own shuls because one dim wit had a penny beef with another over just the bite of kosher fish is so offensive that I actually gave small charity to make this memorable against our own feelings.

    Clearly this is so offensive that the world must not be any more convenient for the value of just keeping kosher anywhere. We go to a party and they want to serve treif and we can not enjoy a meal. We go to shul and we want a kosher meal and the schmendrik-gestapo wants to stab us.

    Clearly we need tehillim and we need more honor. What does noticing humor in our fate mean when we can not even laugh over the herring. Such a terrible event.


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