MELTED DREAMS: Watch: Police in the Catskills Crack Down on Illegal Ice Cream Trucks

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  1. Mordechai
    I fail to understand yidden who have lost all sensitivity to huge cheit of being a moser!

    The Mitzva of pidyon Shvuim is one of the greatest Mitzva, even if he was locked up for something that you don’t approve of.

    Yes, they may be wrong, but yidden have other means of dealing with it.

    • What are you talking about?? You assume that I was a moser?! Never! Chas v’shalom! Doesn’t mean that the chutzpinyak didn’t get what he deserved.
      You are so busy lecturing in your bubble because what he did didn’t affect you.

  2. A yod is going to a possible holding cell on Fri afternoon erev tisha bav. Is this how the Bais Hamikdash will be rebuilt? Maasering on a yid? Why can’t parents watch their kids? Or just say NO ice cream? If nobody would buy, the trucks wouldn’t visit. I want to know if all the shopping trucks making rounds have permits. I doubt it but people want the convenience of some of the items being sold coming to them.

  3. Mordechai – Did you ever flag one down and say, “Reb Yid, you may not realize how quick you’re going, but there are kids around and it can be dangerous. Also, while the music is nice to listen to, a lot of us find it too loud”.

    You probably didn’t. So you didn’t care enough about his speed or music to have a short conversation. You didn’t care enough to be mikayem הוכיח תוכיח את עמיתך and are therefore complicit in his wrongdoing (as it says ולא תשע עליו חטא – someone who does not do תוכחה carries the sin as well).

    Yet you’re happy that a Yid’s vehicle was towed, his parnasah is severely affected, and he was marched away in handcuffs.

    What kind of Yid are you!?!?!?


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