Melted Ice Cream On Pants: Israeli Media Continues Anti-Chareidi Canards

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chareidimThe Israeli media hasn’t lost its touch when it comes to painting chareidim as lunatics, weird and clueless. A story that should have otherwise been innocuous – about the opening of  an ice cream story near Geulah in Yerushalayim – is chock full of canards and stereotypes, not to mention irrelevant details and statements that have no purpose other than making chareidim look like fools. The report, in Yediot Achronot, includes the following statements:

 More than 6,000 people gathered outside the ice cream store, waiting for a free sample for six hours, from Friday morning until just before Shabbat… 

“What is this white, fluffy, sweet thing that looks like a cotton ball?” asked an elderly rabbi holding an ice cream cone for the first time in his life. “Whipped cream,” the salesman explained, and the rabbi rushed to a nearby stairwell to lick the delicacy in private, so as not to be seen – God forbid – enjoying one of the pleasures of life…

…in Mea Shearim too babies were crushed by the masses of people, children lost their parents, women blended with men, and all for one small ice cream cone.

The public quickly got attached to the new product. “Don’t destroy the shape, it will be a shame,” one woman told the salesman as she watched him approaching a large chunk of Oreo ice cream covered with real chocolate balls in order to move part of it to the cone.

A commotion broke out when Neturei Karta members arrived with loudspeakers and called out to the crowd: “Modesty, gentlemen, modesty. We don’t want any mix up here. Women must not be with men.”

The ice cream chain’s owner, Yaakov Halperin, immediately organized two queues, one for men and one for women. Iron barriers were dispatched to the area and the men and women were separated. Each time, eight men were allowed to enter the store, followed by eight women.

The store offers two kinds of ice cream: Dairy and parve (neither meat nor milk). Rabbis have ruled against having tables and chairs inside the store so that men and women would not sit together. The display window has been covered with stickers in order to prevent people from seeing what is going on inside.

Some yeshiva students put the ice cream in a cup, dropping melted ice cream on their pants. “We have a large family. The girls are helping our mother. We wanted to take some home from them,” one of them said.

 “I’m shocked,” said Halperin. “We realized that the haredi public doesn’t have ice cream, but who would have thought that all of Mea Shearim would have to be closed to traffic?”

He made a promise to open six more stores this year, including one near the Bar-Ilan Junction, “where all the Shabbat demonstrations are held.”

At 2 pm, an announcement was made on the loudspeaker: “It’s Shabbat soon. We want to close.” It didn’t help. People punched the windows, eager to get in. It seems those shopaholics in Tel Aviv still have a lot to learn.

What a report.

The best has got to be the yeshiva students “dropping melted ice cream on their pants.” The author of the story, Ofer Petersburg, must have deemed that very vital to the report.

By the way, Ofer, do secular Israelis also ever drop melted ice cream on their pants? Or is it just us, the backward, sloppy chareidim?

Just wondering.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. Is anyone really surprised? The chiloni zionists are the new Jew. They have nothing but contempt and animosity for the “backwards” Charedi who cling to their Torah way of life.

  2. But even this anti-semitic secular jew couldn’t help but be impressed by the yeshiva student taking ice cream home for his sisters. V’sham itanu naar ivri…..harsha’im shein tovasam shleimah

  3. and if you really think about without your preconcived notions of animosity towards the secular writer, he has many good points. For a community that prides itself on a life of avodas Hashem, what do they do to prepare for Shabbos? Stand in line for ice cream?

  4. Being that I am a neighbor of the new Ice Cream store in “Geulah” (not in Meah Shaorim) my apartment is across from the store, I can report first to you first hand to what really happened on Friday and the opinion of the Geulah residents. (not just my opinion)

    A) There was not anywhere close to SIX THOUSAND people throughout the day.

    B)like anything else in this ultra Frum neighborhood, an Ice cream store does is not appreciated and does NOT belong here according to most of the Geulah residents for various reasons.

    C) The Hechsher that the store has is NOT acceptable to the majority of this community, the only Hechsher that is 100% O.K. to all is the Aida-Bedetz, so why should they want the store in this neighborhood.

    D) It was a sad seen to see people of “ALL” ages stand on line in the boiling heat for hours just to get (1) a free small Ice cream cup.

    E)The Store claimed that there will be 100% separation between the men and women, well on the street it looked like it was separated, but in the inside …. my goodness……

    F) So to all of our dear friends who will be visit us in the future, if you are thinking of making a stop for Ice Cream first, please do not bring it into our home because we only use ice cream with the Hechsher of the Aida.

    We thank you in advance to be so understanding us and respecting our wishes, we are looking forward to you with an Ice Cream FREE visit.

    Thank You, I wonder if they will have Kosher L’Pesach Ice Cream?

    OH B.T.W. I asked people who where coming out of the store if it was worth the wait, the response was, YOU BET it was.

  5. No offense Matzav or anyone, but it is a fact that there’s a certain sloppiness to chareidim. You have to be honest, many think its fine to have bad hygiene and not change your clothing often and look like a shluch. Wrinkled shirts and pants, stains…hats that haven’t been brushed in months, shoes that haven’t been polished.

    If you don’t post this, it will confirm my suspicions that you prefer to be dishonest and live with your heads in the sand.

  6. Then our Arab cousins are so successful painting the secular Israelis as vicious, lunatic and evil people.

    Unfortunately, what goes around- comes around. Fortunately it happens for our good as well….

  7. …isn’t this article rechilut? I’m not referring to the original, newspaper article quoted (whose author presumably has a small way to go still before taking on himself shmirat halashon, may he be hozer be teshuva with all of Am Yisrael soon), but on the fact that his words are being repeated here with…toelet?
    (would love to hear why not)

  8. the original article is 100% true.
    1.there are tznius quads
    2.tables are not allowed
    3.there were lines for men and women

  9. What goes around comes around? The whole news event, the opening of an ice cream store in Geulah was overdone. Come on now, who hasnt eaten ice cream before March 10 in Geulah? Three probably was a long line and you can be assured there was crowdy, pushy lines – ever been to the Kosel for birchas kohanim.

    BTW, honestly, never found the Torah media to report about chilonim without stereotyping, generalizations, and lack of objectivity. Why? Why? Perhaps the best way to combat all this negative behaviour is to get to know each other, spend time together, strike up a conversation, have a dialogue about diets, nutrition, exercise, meditation, medical concerns without bringing theology into the conversation.Try it for once it is liberating, sort of like conversing with an Asian or Black on the train and not sweating/fist fighting/yelling over kavod shamayim or coercion in the first two minutes.

  10. I’ve been in Eretz Yisroel many times and there is plenty of ice cream there, in Geula and Meah Shearim.I think it is ludicrous to think that Meah Shearimniks never saw ice cream.The reason people were lining up at the ice cream store was because it was being given out for free. Everyone likes to get freebies. I personally like American (cholov Yisroel) better than Israeli ice cream.

  11. yes you are right. You are the best. The chilonim only want to be like you, and wait for hours for ice cream as if it’s a new invention, and then not be able to eat it fresh with your own wife. you really live in your own world.

  12. #6, do you mean ripped and faded jeans, shirts with the seam on the outside, etc. etc.

    Thanks for comparing the dress-code of our adolescents to those of our, unfortunately secular, brethren.

  13. Ice cream is one of the true pleasures of life. It is great that the deeply religious community of Mea Shearim can finally enjoy it too (like the rest of us) without violating kashrut. It might even make those hot Israeli summers a little easier to tolerate. Essen! And thank you to Yaakov Halperin.

  14. >> Israeli Media Continues Anti-Chareidi Canards


    But the Chareidi media also write of a lot of animosity to the secular and Zionsist.

  15. to #6 please don’t generalize.
    I am chasidish, dress tastefully and elengantly (yet tzniusdig). So do all of my chassidishe freinds. I have been to my husbands Rebbe’s tish numurous times and have seen the hundreds of men there dressed clean and neat.
    There are sloppily dressed (but not dirty)chareidi Jews in some areas of Eretz Yisroel. Their culture (not religion-Yiddishkeit) is not focused on materialism, hence they are not so attuned as how neat their attire is.
    Of course there are smelly and dirty clothed chareidi people. Every segment in society has people that do not take care of their personal hygeine as they should. There are mentally unstable people or people who simply do not give a hoot about how they look or present themselves.
    It is not right for normal people, especially frum Jews, not to care about personal hygeine and cleanliness. In fact it is against the spirit of the Torah, which has numurous halachas for personal cleanliness, however it is unfair to classify cheriedim in general as sloppy and unhygenic. In fact it is tinged with racism which, unfortunately a lot of OUR OWN brothers and sisters have against the members of their OWN RACE.

    As for the article iteslf- it is tainted with undisguised hatred towards chereidi Jews.
    First of all, ice cream was definitely something that anyone could aquire in Meah Shearim in any grocery store prior to the opening of the ice cream parlor.
    Now I’m sure it was unruly in the shop that Friday, HOWEVER think:
    MORE than 6,000 people gathered outside the shop?
    The Rabbi RUSHED to a nearby stairwell…? Like how fast did he run?
    People punched the windows. Uh huh, the article stopped sort of totaly lying by not saying the glass windows cracked from the pressure of so many people punching the window (I mean if there were THOUSANDS of people there.)
    Now I could go on and on about how the facts were distorted to create an image of barbaric, deprived chareidim living in Meah Shearim, but I’m not interested in disecting the whole article. But if anyone is interested in getting a feel of Nazi propaganda during World War Two, then this is it.
    Only this time it is brought to you by the cheriedi bashing, secular Israeli media.

  16. We have to be united as one and yes we do have not yet religious so called secular and charedi people that dont take responsibility for their hygeine but to say that only charedim suffer this phenomena and only charedim go nuts over a freebe is totally anti semitic. and then we wonder why the world including that racist president of america hates us, he even has a minyan of self hating jews in his goverment that preach have against yoishvei eretz yisroel and so this journalist in yediot would probably get along amazingly with ram emanuel and his cronies but lets daven for these wayward jews to find the path of torah and do tshuva and come back to the only true religion in the world which they happen to have been born to.

  17. this article is wrong. but i dont think the charedi community in israel nor the american reading velt understands the social broiges that goes on here in eretz yisroel.

    we live in a world that has walls and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. who’s going to do it? the reading crown of america? charedi community here in israel? the people of israel have a great responsibility to keep their residents safe. the charedi community doesnt want the truth because deep down in places that they dont talk aobut in the beis medrish they want jews on that wall, they NEED jews on that wall. although slandering the charedi community is not the way to go about it, the “zionists” feel mocked when the residents of neighborhoods slander them daily.

    i am not a chiloni, i am a proud religious zinoist jew who learns three sedarim of gemara a day and fought in the army. I feel ridiculous explaining my service to people who rise and sleep under the blanket of the protection that with Hashems help the army provides and then question the manner in which they provide it. These “zionists” would rather the charedim just say thank you, and went on their way. otherwise i suggest they pick up a weapon and stand a post.


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