Member of Lev Tahor Cult Indicted for Child Abuse

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A member of the Lev Tahor cult was indicted at Yerushalayim District Court on charges of mentally and physically abusing children.

According to the indictment, in 2009-2011, when he served as the principal of a school belonging to the cult in Canada, the 46-year-old cult member allegedly abused two children aged 9 and 10 years of age.

According to the charges, in 2009, the cult member allegedly had a child stripped of his clothes, tied up and beaten with a stick and a belt for several hours over suspicions he stole money from a charity box.

Quoting pesukim condemning theft, the defendant addressed the entire student body explaining his actions as the child cried in pain beside him. After beating him on the back, the child was turned over and the beatings continued on his abdomen, chest, legs and buttocks.

The child was unable to stand on his own feet after the beating and had to be carried home by classmates.

In another incident, in 2011, the cult member was accused of instructing other teachers to hold a child down and beat him repeatedly for allegedly lying that he needed glasses. The child was also held down by teachers and beat repeatedly on his back while the defendant spoke to the student body that was assembled to watch about the sin of telling lies.

The cult member was arrested in December after arriving in Israel. He has since been under house arrest and has an order prohibiting him from leaving the country has been issued by the court.



  1. Not undermining the sickness of this gang,
    But this particular story is haef to believe,
    Yes, some truth but 99% is blown out of proportion

  2. I once heard an interview with an ex-member of the cult and he described that mamish the above practices are performed routinely.

  3. Let us know the good news when he will be sentenced to jail and for how many years. I once met someone who escaped from this cult and the damage done to him emotionally and spiritually is unimaginable. It would be a miracle if it won’t be permanent.


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