Memorial Sign in Queens For Girl Murdered in Israel While Sleeping Vandalized By Pro Palestinian

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New York City police are actively investigating the vandalism of a memorial sign for 13-year-old terror victim Hallel Yaffa Ariel, Mark Hirschberg reports for JP Updates. Ariel was fatally stabbed by a 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist while sleeping in her home in Kiryat Arba in June.

The memorial sign, which was posted on the door of Congregation Sons of Israel in Queens, had the message, “2000 Palestinians murdered by IDF. Why do you only care when Jews die?” written on it, along with “Zionism is racism.”

The suspect approached the synagogue, located at 3321 Crescent Street in Astoria, at around 5:45 p.m. One of the synagogue’s board members approached the suspect and asked him to stop what he was doing, at which point the suspect shouted, “Israel is doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to my relatives in the Holocaust!” according to police Sunday.

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“On Tuesday, August 16, at around 7 p.m., we put up a new and bigger sign to mourn the death of this young girl,” Rabbi Jay Shoulson told JP. “When we returned Wednesday morning the sign was gone. Someone who can vandalize and steal such a sign,” Shoulson concluded, “is not a human being.” Read more at JP Updates.




  1. Is there any chance that it might be a mentally unstable person, possibly with Jewish ancestry or whose family was victim to the nazis for political or other reasons? If so, I think the person should get psychiatric assistance and be distanced from anything that he may deface, but I do not think publicizing the incident on the newspapers serves much of a purpose. I don’t think it consoles the girl’s family, nor could i come up with any lesson or constructive suggestions about how to deal with such a vile gesture.

      • Feel free to call me racist but I would react differently if the sign has been destroyed by a run-of-the-mill antisemite who is unsure if “palestine” is in asia or africa but is very sure the jews run wall street, big pharma and organ trafficking; as opposed to the possibility it is a disturbed person, perhaps with grandparents who suffered in Europe (so says the article, I did not make it up). Perhaps a Yid!! or at least with some Jewish relatives, connections, failed marriage, you-name-it. Perhaps someone who tried aliyah and it did not go well, perhaps served in the IDF and came out broken and broke, perhaps with grievances about the Medinat (which I suppose we all have a few), perhaps with no family or estranged from family, and all those thoughts and inner voices get tied with loneliness, poverty, intellectual limitations, mental health troubles, and lack of adequate psychiatric care.

        Of course the latter’s actions would still be criminal and despicable and that’d be the case even if he were Jewish. But someone within the first description is dangerous, next time may do something worse than defacing a photo and if we really think that’s the case, we should demand surveillance photos and videos are published. The article does not describe at all. Is the suspect male? It does not even say explicitly. What ethnicity? Height? Weight? Hair style and color? Beard? Eyeglasses? Age? Clothing style? Not a single word. Again, feel free to call me racist. But if the suspect is dangerous, I would like to know; if he is a broken and disturbed person, he should get help from the taxpayer (i.e. state agencies) and possibly also from us, who are compassionate people last time I checked, and his privacy should be respected, while of course making sure that he can’t do anything like that again.

  2. There is an entire culture that believes creeping into the house of a thirteen-year-old and murdering her while she sleeps in her own bed bestows the status of “Hero” upon the murderer. Why are we surprised at their further lack of humanity?
    Revolted and disgusted, yes, absolutely. Surprised, not at all. This is exactly what “Pereh odom” and Loh ben adam” mean.

  3. If he’s upset about the “2000” Arabs killed by Israel, why is he not upset about the thousands killed in Syria, or the tens of thousands of Arabs killed in wars with their Arab brethren, or even the 1,000 Palestinian Arabs killed by their Arab neighbors during the 2nd Intifada?


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